Physical/ Medical Standards for Lady Officers/ Doctors/ Nurses

Medical Physical Standards
Groups of CandidatesShort Service Regular Commission (General Duty Medical Officer, Specialist, Army Dental Corps, Armed Forces Nursing Services) and Lady Cadet Course.
Body Mass Index► 17-23. The local board can adjust the body mass index from 16 to 24.
► Candidates will undergo a complete medical examination even if the body mass index exceeds the required standards.
► Appellate Medical Board will conduct physical examination of the candidates.
► The standardized system of body mass index should continue until the study on body composition analysis verses body mass index is finalized by the House of Department Rehab Medicine, Combined Medical Hospital Rawalpindi.
Carrying Angle5 – 22 degree
Elbow Extension (Cubitus Recurvatum)>► 0 – 15 degree: Multiple joint laxity must be absent
Calcaneal Pitch Angle(Pes Planus/ Cavus)► Pes Planus: If there is an arch when standing on the toes and there are no symptoms, it is flexible flat feet and fit. If the appearance of the arch remains the same when standing on the toes or there is a softening of the plantar, it is hard flat feet. It has a high potential for pain and fracture and is unsuitable.
► No need to measure angles for flat feet.
► Pes Cavus: Recommended maximum angle 32 degrees. A high angle creates a hump and this deformity prevents the foot from working or wearing military boots, and can also cause foot ulcers.
Hallux Angle (Hallux Valgus)► 10 – 17 degrees: However, there should be no bunions, calluses or metatarsal primus varus or riding over the toe as this is a progressive deformity. Angles greater than 17 degrees lead to toe-in on the ride and cause increased distortion.
Extension Knee (Genu Recurvatum)► 0 – 5 degrees: Mandatory to exclude multiple joint hyperexcitability.


  • Exclusive to evaluate the candidate holistically in his/her respective domain.
  • Regimental Medical Officers of Army Selection and Recruitment Centers/Army Selection and Recruitment Offices will be given training of two to three months to conduct medical examination of the candidates.
  • Regular training instructions should be issued to the military colleges to change the training activities.
  • Medical examination documents of candidates should be accompanied by attested photo identification.