Pak Army Registration Slip 2024 Download Online

The dispatch of the Pak Army Registration Slip 2024 transpired today, the 18th of February 2024, designated for the positions of Soldier and Clerk. Anticipated to be unveiled this February 2024 is the Pak Army Registration Slip 2024 for the PMA Long Course.

The Pakistan Army extends an array of vocations, encompassing soldier, clerk, culinary artist, and military constable. Prospective applicants fitting the eligibility criteria can retrieve the Pak Army Registration Slip 2024 digitally. The application dossier for Pak Army Appointments can be accessed on this portal, where aspirants can input their comprehensive particulars, including appellation, paternal appellation, and CNIC. Apply via the internet for vacancies and procure the Pak Army Registration Slip 2024 by CNIC from

Pak Army Registration Slip 2024 The unveiling of Pak Army Online Registration 2024 is slated for the 18th of February 2024. Annually, the Pakistan Army discloses an array of job opportunities across the nation, beckoning a sizable cohort of contenders. Securing the registration slip post-application and submission is imperative, as without it, ingress to the examination venue is precluded. Fulfilling the merit criteria and triumphantly navigating the written assessment are prerequisites for ingress into the folds of the Pakistan Army. To procure your registration slip, kindly navigate to the official Pakistan Army website and input your 14-digit CNIC number. Elucidated details pertinent to the Pak Army Registration Slip can be perused further below.

Pak Army Registration Slip 2024 Procurement Online

Pak Army Registration Slip 2024 Download Online

The document titled “PMA Extended Session 153 Enrollment Document” for the year 2024 is accessible for retrieval via the official website of the Pakistani Military Force at To obtain your enrollment document, kindly input your CNIC identification number into the designated section and select “Submit”.

Subsequently, you will gain access to either print or retrieve your enrollment document. If you anticipate receiving the roll number document for roles within the Pakistani Military Force, including Civilian, Officer, or Soldier positions, it is recommended to monitor this webpage for any forthcoming updates. Furthermore, the enrollment document for the PMA Extended Session 153 is readily downloadable from this platform. Correspondingly, the roll number document for positions within the Pakistani Military Force’s Medical Cadet division can be found on the aforementioned webpage.

Description  Action 
PMA Long Course 153 Registration Slip Download
Technical Cadet Course Registration Slip Download
AFNS Registration Slip Download
Soldier Registration Slip Download
Lady Cadet Course Registration Slip Download

Online Registration Document for Soldiers 2024

For those interested in serving the Pakistan Army, staying abreast of the latest recruitment opportunities is imperative. Numerous avenues exist for joining the Pak Army, including participation in short-service commission programs. The year 2024 offers prospects to apply for positions as Major, Lieutenant, or Captain. The Pakistan Army seeks individuals with competitive spirit for roles across various branches, encompassing supply, education, medical services, weaponry, operations, and information technology.

Pak Army Enrollment Slip 2024

Candidates who have previously applied for recent openings can now procure their Pak Army Roll Number Slip 2024. Annually, the Pakistani Army advertises diverse career prospects nationwide, providing opportunities for interested candidates. Upon completion of the application and submission process, possession of an enrollment slip is mandatory, as it serves as an entry requirement for examination venues.

Registration Slip at

Participating in online registration for the Pakistan Army and expressing interest in employment opportunities within the force represent cherished aspirations for numerous Pakistani citizens. Such endeavors instill a profound sense of patriotic fervor, underscoring the contribution to national honor and defense. Discover the journey toward joining the Pakistan Army (Pak Fauj) by acquiring essential insights into selection criteria, eligibility, physical standards, educational prerequisites, and age criteria. To obtain the Pak Army Registration Slip, visit

Procedure for Online Registration for Pak Army 2024

To initiate online registration for the Pakistan Army:

Navigate to the official website of the Pakistan Army. Access the “Join Pak Army” feature on the homepage. Complete registration by furnishing personal details, academic information, and other requisite data. Select the desired course and proceed with the application. Following submission, monitor the website regularly for updates regarding the selection process.

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