What is AFNS? Armed Forces Nursing Services

First and foremost, let us inform you about the AFNS (Armed Forces Nursing Service) posts, which are exclusively available for women aspiring to join the Nursing Division of Pakistan Army. Women who have completed Matriculation or Intermediate (FA/FSc) can apply for AFNS. It presents a remarkable opportunity for women aspiring to serve in the field of nursing in Pakistan Army.

Regarding the pay scale for AFNS posts, the remuneration ranges from Rs.22,700 to Rs.365,000 respectively, with the lowest and highest average pay.

Online registration for AFNS will start on 20 June 2023. We strongly encourage interested candidates to apply for the Armed Forces Nursing Service before the specified last date, as any applications received after that will not be entertained.

AFNS Online Registration Start Date: 29th May 2023

AFNS Online Registration Last Date: 15 July 2023

To be eligible for AFNS in Pakistan Army, applicants must have matriculation degree with minimum 60% marks in Science subjects, along with 50% marks in FSC (Pre-Medical). Additionally, candidates who have completed the first part of their FSc with at least 50% marks can also apply by providing Hope Certificate.

If you find yourself uncertain about the future prospects of a nursing career, we assure you that nursing in the Pakistan Army is an exceptional profession with a promising future, its highly competitive salaries. Thanks to the structure of Therefore, we strongly urge women not to miss this wonderful opportunity and submit their applications for joining Pakistan Army for Nursing immediately, so that they can serve their beloved motherland.

Candidates have the opportunity to join the AFNS course through two types of commissions, each with its own distinct procedure and eligibility criteria.

B.Sc Nursing for Females Permanent Regular Commission (PRC): PRC offers long-term commitment to Pakistan Army. Candidates meeting the following eligibility criteria can apply for AFNS through PRC:

  • Marital Status: Only unmarried women are eligible to apply.
  • Age: 17 to 25 years (Candidates should fall within the age limit specified by the authorities).
  • Education: Matriculation with 60% marks, and F.Sc (Pre-Medical) with minimum 50% (candidates who have recently appeared in second year examination, if they have minimum 50 marks in first year % marks they must have HOPE certificate)
  • Physical Criteria: Candidates must meet certain height and weight requirements.
  • Selection Process: The selection process includes written test, interviews, medical examination and other assessments.

Nurses Trained as Lieutenants (Women) through Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC): SSRC offers a short-term commitment to the Pakistan Army. Candidates meeting the following eligibility criteria can apply for AFNS through SSRC:

  • Marital Status: Both unmarried and married women are eligible to apply.
  • Age: 18 to 28 years (Candidates should fall within the age limit specified by the authorities).
  • Education: B.Sc Nursing or 03 years Diploma with one year Midwifery. Minimum educational qualifications and prerequisites must be met.
  • Physical Criteria: Candidates must meet certain height and weight requirements.
  • Selection Process: The selection process includes written test, interviews, medical examination and other assessments.

It is important for interested candidates to check the eligibility criteria carefully and follow the registration process within the specified dates to be considered for the AFNS program.

What is AFNS? Armed Forces Nursing Services

AFNS Test Pattern | Syllabus and PDF Notes

Preparing for the AFNS test requires a thorough understanding of the following subjects:

Academic Part:

Intelligence/Personality Test: Be prepared for questions related to Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Antonyms, Idioms/Sentences, Articulation/Sound, Synonyms, and Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning.

English: Synonyms, antonyms, similes, punctuation, vocabulary, idioms and phrases, correct use of tenses, active and passive voice, fill in the blanks, grammar, simile, spelling, and your knowledge of verbal and non-verbal aspects. Add to language.

Biology: Study topics such as living and non-living organisms, cell structure and function, plant physiology, animal physiology, reproduction in plants and animals, genetic basis of inheritance, origin and evolution of life, human disorders, ecology, and ecosystems. .

Physics: Familiarize yourself with units and measurements, mechanics, heat transfer, vibrations and waves, light and sound, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.

Chemistry: Focus on atomic structures, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, states of matter, compounds, solutions and solubility, gas laws, elements and compounds, periodic table, key concepts of organic chemistry, and water and organic compounds. the environment

AFNS Test Pattern

In an intelligence test, students face questions on verbal intelligence and non-verbal intelligence. In the academic exam, students face questions from Physics, Chemistry, English and Biology.

Type of Test Total Questions Total Minutes Passing Percentage
Verbal Test 84 30 Min 50 %
Non-Verbal Test 64 30 Min 50 %
Academic Test 50 25 Min 50 %
Personality Test 150 30 Min 50%


Eligibility Criteria in AFNS Selection

The Pakistan Army has established certain criteria that serve as a basis for selection of women to join the organization. Only those women who meet these criteria will be eligible for admission to Armed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS) of Pakistan Army. Eligibility criteria for AFNS are as follows:

Marital Status:

  • Unmarried, separated, widowed, or divorced women are eligible to apply without burden.
  • Trained nurses can be either married or unmarried.

Age Requirements:

  • Untrained candidates should be between 17-25 years of age.
  • Trained nurses should be between the ages of 18-28.


  • Candidates should have Pakistani citizenship.
  • Domicile holders of Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir are also eligible.
  • Dual nationals have to renounce their non-Pakistani citizenship to be eligible to join the Pakistan Army.

Height Requirement:

  • Candidate must be at least 5 feet tall.


  • Weight should be within the range defined by body mass index (BMI).

These eligibility criteria serve as the basis for selection of suitable candidates for Armed Forces Nursing Services in Pakistan Army. These criteria must be met to be considered in the selection process.

Documents required for AFNS

To be eligible to join Pakistan Army in Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS) in 2023, you need to have original photocopies of the following documents:

  • Educational Certificate/Degree
  • Domicile Certificate (Attested)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC), if currently serving in Government Sector.
  • Three (3) passport size photographs (front/back)
  • National Identity Card (NIC) (New)
  • Postal Order of Rs.100/- drawn to Director General Personnel Administration (DGPA), General Headquarters (GHQ) Rawalpindi, Pakistan Army.

Having these documents ready will facilitate the application process and ensure that you meet the necessary requirements to join AFNS.

What is AFNS? Armed Forces Nursing Services

Further essential requirements of AFNS

B.Sc Nursing:

If a candidate is appearing for the FSc Part-II examinations and has secured 50% marks in the first year, he/she can submit the Hope Certificate signed by the Principal of the College/Institute where he/she is studying. .
After the declaration of FSc Part II result, candidates should submit the FSc result immediately.
Trained Nurse:

  • Candidates must have domicile of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or Gilgit-Baltistan.
  • Candidates with B.Sc in General Qual Nursing are eligible. Diploma holders are not eligible.
  • Candidates must be registered with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC).
  • Preference will be given to candidates with post-basic specialty training, such as ICU, OT, CCU from a PNC approved hospital/institution.

These are the important requirements and considerations for candidates applying to join the Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS). Following these guidelines will ensure eligibility and increase the chances of being considered for selection.

Additional Notes for AFNS Selection

Duration of Training: B.Sc Nursing: Candidates selected for B.Sc.Nursing are prominent including AFPGMI Rawalpindi, CMH Lahore, CMH Kharian, CMH Multan, CMH Quetta, and PNS Shifa Karachi. The institutions will undergo a four-year comprehensive training program.

Trained Nurses: Candidates who have completed nursing training will undergo a six-week basic military training program at AFPGMI Rawalpindi and CMH Kharian.

Note: On successful completion of training, candidates will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Bond: All candidates who are selected for the AFNS programme, irrespective of category, will be required to sign a bond to serve in the Army for a minimum period of ten years. Commit to This agreement must be signed before commencing BSc Nursing training.

The training period is an important stage in preparing the candidates for their role in the armed forces nursing service. It equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to serve effectively in their respective positions.

Academic Training Centers for AFNS

Upon successfully passing the interview process, new BSc nursing students will have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive four-year training program. This training program will be conducted in the following prestigious institutes.

  • Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute (AFPGMI), Rawalpindi
  • Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Multan
  • CMH, Lahore
  • CMH, Kharian
  • CMH, Quetta
  • Pakistan Naval Ship (PNS) Shifa, Karachi

These institutions are known for their quality education and training facilities. During the four-year training program, students will receive rigorous academic instruction, practical experience, and exposure to various specialized areas of nursing.

This training will equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge and practical skills to excel in their nursing careers and contribute effectively to the healthcare sector.

AFNS Disabilities

The following conditions disqualify candidates for AFNS registration:

Rejected twice by ISSB: Candidates who have been rejected twice by the Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) are ineligible.

Screened out twice by ISSB: Candidates screened twice by ISSB are ineligible.

Test conducted within a period of 120 days (four months): Candidates who have appeared for the ISSB test within a period of 120 days (four months) from their previous appearance are ineligible.

Dismissed/Removed/Debarred from Government Service: Candidates who have been dismissed, removed or barred from any Government service including Armed Forces are ineligible.

Convicted in a court of law: Candidates who have been convicted by a court of law for any heinous offense (to be determined by the competent military authority) are ineligible.

Permanently Disqualified: Candidates who have been declared permanently disqualified by the Appellate Medical Board (AMB) are ineligible.

Medically Unfit: Candidates who are medically unfit due to Hepatitis B and C are ineligible.

Withdrawal on Disciplinary Grounds: Candidates who have withdrawn from any Bonded Armed Forces College or any Armed Forces Institution on disciplinary grounds are ineligible.

Withdrawal/Dismissal/Resignation/Purchase of Commission: Candidates who have withdrawn, resigned, or purchased commission from the Armed Forces Officers Academy or Training Institution for any reason are ineligible.

Already registered with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC): Candidates already registered with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) in Islamabad are not eligible.

These qualifications serve as guidelines to ensure that candidates who meet the necessary criteria and qualifications are considered for AFNS registration.

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